A Chunk of Fantasy 1.09 – Starfall [Event]

“Although I wasn’t alive when it happened, I have spoken to a few of those long-lived people and they have told me the stories about when it was formed. They say it started in the middle of the night. A sound louder than an angry dragon boomed across the valley. Those nearby saw a lance of red and yellow and white pierces the clouds, scattering them like children from an angry parent. It screamed over theirs heads. A couple of people looked directly at it and went blind from the increasing brightness. It was like a star had fallen from the heavens to the ground. It disappeared over the mountains, then there a deathly silence. The noise that came next, so they told me, was unlike anything else. The very ground shook like a god had fallen. When they finally got to the place of the fallen star, there was nothing left but a massive hole”

Event type – Impact

Starfall is the name given to the site of a celestial impact. It all started around 5 years ago, during the middle of summer. The night was clear and made for those that lived and worked in the nighttime, it was quite pleasant. This was soon shattered with the event known in the records books as the Starfall, the night pieces of the very heavens fell from the skies and landed violently, changing the landscape in this location.

Starfall was quite devastating to the environment and local creatures alike. Luckily, there were no recorded direct deaths from the impact, at least not of sentient creatures, although rumours still persist of a few druids and explorers that went missing around the same time.

The location of Starfall, also know as Starfall Crater, or Starfall Lake is just behind a range of high mountains. When it came in to impact the ground, a few scholars believe it took the top off of one of the peaks, making it shorter by around 70 meters or so. This was backed up by the fact that one of the mountains now has a noticeably flatter top when compared to the others nearby. The crater itself is close to half a mile across and is oddly longer that it is wider.

Besides the crater and the missing mountain top, the impact also had a major change on the local rivers. During times of high rainfall, this causes the crater to fill with water in places, creating a number of ponds that can be described as being as flat as a mirror. On a clear night, you can see the reflection of the heavens above. During the summer, the lakes/ponds dried up and the crater can be fully explored. A few brave adventures have noticed that in a few places, a silvery-grey ore can be found that has odd properties. This would be classed as a valuable resource if it wasn’t for the fact that Starfall Crater is in the middle of contested lands and anyone venturing too close is treated as a looter and hostile.

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