A Chunk of Fantasy 2.03 Lava Canoe [Vehicle]

“Yeah the name is a bit odd, it’s not strictly speaking for use on lava, but you can use it there. No, what this beauty was designed for is in those weird places between the planes, where the cross over with each other. Quasi-something or other. Anyway, this one, meant to be used on the bit where the plane of fire meets the plane of earth. All that heat from the Fire Realm combined with the, well I suppose liquid, makes normal water there evaporate, and there is that lava-like stuff instead. It’s pretty weird experience, using that canoe. Just don’t forget where you are, and by the 12 and 2, don’t get out until you have a safe location …”

Vehicle type – Travel/Exploration
Capacity – 2 to 4 depending on make and model
Primary Power – Heat protection for occupants
Secondary powers – Collapsible, transport back to home plane in emergency,

Travelling the planes is not an easy experience. First, you have to be aware of how to get to them, then have the skill, ability or knowledge to open a portal there. THEN you have to survive whatever you find and finally, make it back home. Those that make it tell tales of wonders, dangers and sometimes incredible rewards. The Lava Canoe is one such device for travelling the more dangerous places, in terms of environmental danger that is.

Originally developed by an explorer of the far realms, the Lava Canoe was designed to be portable, provide simple protection against heat and in an emergency, transport the user back home. It resembles a normal looking canoe, except the reddish coating on it. Its main power is the ability to protect those who dwell within it, and their equipment, from extreme heat found in certain planes. This also lead to its nickname, the Lava Canoe, which as with many nicknames quickly became the official name of this device. Thos who use the canoe feel no bad effects from heat within the device, but those who purchase one of these are warned that it does not protect against gases or liquids splashing over the side, just the heat. Within the canoe, it is considered to be a pleasant temperature, adjusted for each person individually.

After a few misadventures and nearly losing the canoe, an upgraded was created. This had several new secondary powers added. The first made the canoe collapsable. It shrinks down to something the size of a melon. Anything inside when the shrink command is uttered will be ejected. A second command is considered to be a life saver by many. On using the second command word twice (to prevent accidental activation) the lava canoe instantly transports itself and anyone within back to its home location, a pre-designated spot set up via a third command word.

The LC is not a perfect item. It’s easy to fall out of, to misuse or even, in one memorable event, forget that you are protected and that there are no safety measures to stop someone from leaving the canoe mid-use. But it does the job it was designed for, to protect those that would travel the planes and get them home safely. The fact that, in comparison to other enchanted items the cost of this one is quite cheap, has gone a long way to making sure that it’s regarding as essential kit for the explorers of the elemental planes.

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