A Chunk of SciFi – 2.03 Retcon Bomb [Weapon]

“If this gets out, the entire universe will want our destruction…”
Snippet of leaked records from “Project:Safecracker”

The system know in official records as BA-R3DS, aka Bardes, is devoid of life. Literally nothing grows there, not even a microscopic bacteria. This complete absence of life, combined with it’s reasonable proximity to 4 major starfaring cultures, including humanity, made it the perfect testing ground for weapons and other risky experiments. Many experiments took place here, from the development of the ill-fated Nano-Phage to the successful attempt at space folding and much more. One such weapon was developed and tested here, but was very quickly hushed up and is now classified under a level of secrecy that few even suspect exists. That project became known later as “The Retcon Bomb.”

Like many breakthroughs and weapons, the Retcon Bomb started off as something else. The original plan of the project was come up with some way of breaching the barrier between dimensions, allow travel into various locations across the multiverse. A few of the so-called “Eldar Races” had told the younger ones that these places were real but almost impossible to get to. Thus project “Safecracker” was born. The belief was a highly focused explosion of exotic materials would allow for a micro-hole to be generated. If this concept worked, then the hole would be expanded and scanners and such sent through. Due to the volatile nature and high radiation from the materials, a place devoid was needed. The Bardas system was perfect for this test.

The initial set-up was fine. Everything was going according to plan. The materials were charged with high amounts of the required raditation and the micro-hole formed for less than a millionth of a second. But this was enough. The principle was sound and worked! It was around this time that an archaeological dig on the far fringe of the Bardas system made a horrifying discovery.
They discovered that the Bardas system was not always uninhabited. In fact, around 20,000 Terran years ago there was a thriving civilisation, with its capital on the same planet that Project:Safecracker was tested. So what happened to this once mighty culture?

Further investigations discovered a small vault of records, untouched by the ravages of time. They were surprisingly easy to translate. From the records found, it was determined that around 20,000 years ago, micro-hole had appeared in the capital and started to grow. As it grew and was noticed, anything organic died. Life was disintegrated, buildings vaporised, terrain flattened. It was if a bomb was going off, wiping out this species and all traces of them from history. This wave grew from this central point, destroying more and more. Only a few sites survived the blast and all they could do was watch helplessly as their civilisation was erased and all their hard work as a species gone. It wasn’t long before the scientists realised what had happened – Project:Safecracker had taken the energies used to breach the dimensional walls and had somehow sent it back in time, where it proceeded to wipe out billions of sentient lifeforms and destroyed almost everything related to them.

When news of this came to light, all work on Project:Safecracker was halted, all technology destroyed and dropped into a black hole and everyone involved in the design kept under the highest security possible. The 4 races involved in Project:Safecracker have made a Prime Law that any culture found in possession of anything similar to this would be dealt with in the harshest possible way, even it means obliteration.

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