Note from Chris : Due to a recent death in family, not able to do a full chunk today, so instead here is a repeat of one of my fav chunks – Soul Spice

A spice is a dried seed, fruit, root, bark, or vegetable substance primarily used for flavoring, coloring or preserving food. Sometimes used to hide other unwanted flavors.

The spice called Anima , aka “Soul Spice”, is a rare spice that has recently become popular due to its hallucinogenic properties. It is purple in colour and has a sweet flora aroma. It is made from a small, nut like seed that grows on various trees.

In small amounts, such as a pinch or two, Anima gives the food a fresh almost cooling taste. Some people place it directly in the mouth before eating. However eating too much can result in a nasty hallucinogenic experience. This experience is tied in to the user’s current frame of mind and reflects inner or hidden secrets – in effect it shows the user their own “soul” and thus its nickname. This is a negative experience for 90% of people. Lucky enough you would need to consume an amount roughly equal to the size of a baseball over a 24 hour period before this effect occurs.

Despite the risks, Anima has proven to be a very popular spice, with wealthy people having parties in which increasing amounts of spice are taken, with the first one to “trip out” losing and being mocked as they hallucinate.


  • Anima can only be grown under certain conditions and locations. One of these locations is under threat of deforestation.
  • A keen amateur botanist has bred a variation of Anima in which the flavor is stronger. Unknowingly they have also increased the chance of nasty hallucinations from 10% to 50%. The first batch has already been sold to a major food supplier who is planning on releasing a new dish with this über Anima as the main ingredient
  • The largest plantation of Anima was recently destroyed in a mysterious fire. 2 weeks later a new company announced that they have a large supply of the spice. Are the two events connected or is it a simple coincidence

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