Called Away

What happens your characters need to leave?

There are many times in games & stories when a player or character can’t make it to a session or you need to have a certain character not present at the same location as others for a short time. Where did they go? What are they doing when not in play?

This is where “Called Away” can help you to fill in the blanks and give a brief overview of where the character or even a npc has been. The actual details are left up to you, but they can be a good source of future adventures.

The main table has 100 entries suitable for a fantasy or medieval setting with several sub tables helping to flesh out and give further options and ideas.

Using it is quite simple. Like many of the other generators from Ennead Games, you use a combination fo a d100 and a d20. The main entry then may have a further sub-entry related to it, such as (npc) or (body part). You then roll , or pick, from the appropriate sub-table.


  • You roll a 09 on the master table
  • This gives you [An old injury to the (body) is playing up]
  • referring to the (body) sub table, you get ears.
  • This means that, due to an old injury to the ears, the character that this event happened to has stayed home, or back at the inn as they can’t hear what is going on. Maybe they have some form of tinnitus or infection has flared up.

A few of the entries on the main table have more than one sub-table linked to them.

  • Rolling 31 gives you “Characters (npc) is being threatened by (enemy)”
  • Rolling a 9 on the npc table gives “religious leader” and a 2 on (enemy) gives “a cult”
  • This gives you “Characters religious leader is being threatened by a cult”, prompting the head of your clerical order to go into hiding.

Some of entries provide an obvious plot hook for future adventures. Using the above example, who is that cult that has attacked the your religious leader. Is it because she condemned the actions of this cult or do they want her killed because of her position as head of a religion that has hunted them down across the years.

As you can see,”Called Away” can be used for more than just explaining why characters or NPCs are not present or with the current group.  The only limit is your imagination.

Link : Called Away

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