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Trap – The Door of Doom

Although this rather ingenuous and highly configurable design has no official designation the “Door of Doom” has been called many things in its time, from “Deadly Door” to “Chamber of Blood” to “No way in the 9 hells I’m going through that thing, not after what it did to Gorrik”. The design is rather complex to install and is banned under many guild laws. Anyone caught installing one is these is banned from trading for life and reported to the relevant authorities.


This door looks more like a small chamber, big enough for 1 average sized person to stand in it. It has two doors, an inner one and outer. The inner door will not open when the outer door is open and vice versa. Passage through is a simple matter of opening one door, closing it, then opening the other. The chamber and doors are made from a material that resembles wood, but is in fact some kind of highly resistant, yet light steel. the frame is also made of this material and some belive it is in fact easier to dig around this door then to try and break through it. Inside the chamber are small, yet obvious slits and panels that remain covered.

Typical Features

  • Override feature to allow normal passage through
  • Self-reseting and cleaning after each “use”.
  • The “deluxe” model has a randomized feature, so you never know where the blades are going to appear
  • The door has various options for activation of the traps inside. Some require a key to open the other door, but most go with the standard option of pressing a certain location within the chamber. Failure to do so activates the trap options when the other door is opened.

Trap Features
There are many options for traps within the DoD. The most popular are:

  • Buzzing saw blades
  • Slicing swords
  • Pooring Acid
  • Flames
  • Cheese-wire
  • A combination of the above

Hook & Rumors

  • The one who originally designed the DoD was killed by their own design after installing it in a mad queens castle and being forced to test it out
  • Several who have tried to duplicate the design for various reasons have failed. The original notes for the design have not been located.
  • Some versions of this door have a feature installed so that it only affects the second person to walk through it in a minute
  • A new vault complex is having doors like these installed and the characters are asked to oversee construction and prevent tampering
  • Some governments allow the installation of these door/chamber but a heavy bribe is required
  • A competition has arisen amongst trap designers to come up with the most “normal” looking yet deadliest door-chamber.

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