the harvester by denis loebner
The Harvester by Denis Loebner (click  for page/full-sized image)

This weeks inspirational image is “The Harvester” by Denis Loebner.

The noise is deafening, you stumble out the collapsed building to see this object in front of you,sucking up the dirt and rubble into it’s gaping maw. The noise level is so loud you can feel the very ground pulse and vibrate. You can feel the air being sucked into it, being destroyed in the inferno you can feel on your face even from this distance.

  • Who is in control of this thing? Is it alive or a weapon being controlled by the enemy?
  • What is it made from? What can you do to defend yourself from it?
  • Why has it attacked your home? Why here and why now?
  • Why are you the only survivor? Where are the cars and other vehicles?
  • Where did it come from?
  • When will it stop its “attack”?
  • Are there more of them?

Credit :  Denis Loebner

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