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This week’s d20 list is four mini-lists combined in one! It gives you features that may be found on the four classical elemental planes. Some are the literal names, other are concepts or descriptions.

  1. Entries 1 – 5 cover the elemental plane of Air.
  2. Entries 6 – 10 cover the elemental plane of Earth.
  3. Entries 11 – 15 cover the elemental plane of Fire.
  4. Entries 16 – 20 cover the elemental plane of Water.


  1. The Bloody Blazing Range
  2. The Haze Island
  3. The Moon Void
  4. The Rumbling Orbit
  5. The Thunder Donjon
  6. The Blessed Flint Tunnel
  7. The Illustrious Heavy Orchard
  8. The Pleasant Lead Path
  9. The Polished Stage
  10. The Sunken Ravine
  11. The Charred Reach
  12. The Combustion Citadel
  13. The Festering Luminous Sphere
  14. The Fierce Steaming Gorge
  15. The Fuming Turret
  16. The Aqua Radius
  17. The Choppy Delta
  18. The Demonic Abundant River
  19. The Eerie Flooded Amphitheatre
  20. The Mirror Submerged Safehold


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