Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: Ancient
Size: huge

Coloring: Solid red

Back: Carapace
Head: Short cobra frill
Horns: Two knob(s) of a horns on snout
Jaws: Dragon
Limbs: 4 Limbs, 2 for manipulation and 2 for movement
Tail: Forked bludgeon-like
Wings: Dragon wings (Normal flight)

Intelligence: Dragon (19)
Communication: Normal speech (Tongues Spoken: Old Makai, Common of Surshield (Bellisaria), )
Breath Weapon: Burst (around dragon) of Burning Venom (Acid and Fire)
Body chemistry: Poisonous blood

Special Abilities:

Class: None
Gender: male
Personality: Reverent
Quirks: Taps foot incessantly

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