With myself now being mostly caught up with older projects and things getting back into line, I can continue to work on my extensive to-do project list. One that has been sitting on the back-burner for a while is the Dungeon Feature series. This next planned one is about statues. Like the rest of the DF series, it can be used outside of dungeons, such as in a city or private home.

So far I have the following in my notes file for possible aspects, in no particular order

  • Material
  • Subject
  • Pose/position of the subject
  • Base/Plinth for the statue
  • Condition of the statue
  • Size
  • Inscription on the plinth, if any
  • Quirks/Features

Most of these are pretty self-explanatory. Two, however, are closely linked and I might integrate them into one table. The subject and the pose/position. By having them in one table it reduces the number of possible options but can reduce silly or out of place results. By having it in two tables in can increase the possible result, but you may end up with something that seems contradictory or out of place. At the moment I am leaning towards having two table so you can use the pose/position other statues.

The material aspect will probably end up being what I have dubbed a “d100 repeating” table – That is a d100 table with repeating options. I prefer doing it like that rather than a table with entries labelled, say, 1-13 or 14-26 etc as it makes it much easier to edit and change them or add new entries. I can, at a quick glance, see what result have many entries and change quickly or insert new ones. The d100 side of it means mean i then don’t have to spend ages re-doing the numeric side of things.

The subject aspect will probably also be a d100 table, but this will unlikely be a repeating table. The subject will be simple things like elf, dwarf, a woman on a horse etc.

Q/F will either be a d50 or a d100 table, depending on how many entries I can come up with for it. This is something I’ll be doing for most PDFs that have quirks/features in them,


As much as possible I’ll be making the aspects have either 10, 20, 50 or 100 entries. Of course, there will be variations and sometimes less than that, but this is my guideline that I use.




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