Today, going to give a sneak preview of an upcoming pdf called “Spell Options 8 – Universal Options”

The Spell Options series is a set of pdfs that take existing spells and gives you ways of tweaking them, giving them a unique spin, such as larger effect, change of colouration, and more. Each option has an associated SL, or Spell level, cost. Improve one aspect will mean you treat the spell as one or two or more levels higher. This can be offset by taking penalties, which reduce the SL back to its original level, or even below, but not bellow level 1 or above level 9. There are other rules and guidelines that go along with this system, but that’s the basics of it.

For the most part, each volume is tailored to one spell, such as a curse, or the famous Fireball. The universal options can be applied to virtually any spell. Some options would be more suited to others, such as a range option not really suitable for a touch-based spell and so on. They won’t change the inherent nature of the spell, but it will alter/tweak it. A fireball will still cause a fiery explosion, but any spellcaster worth their power who see’s it will be thinking “There’s something odd about that spell…”


Example Options

X = The number of SL you take to modify this spell. Unless stated otherwise you can take the option as a benefit or a penalty, but not both at the same time.

Dispel Resistance (x)

  • Benefit: This spell is treated as being (x) levels higher when trying to dispel it
  • Penalty: This spell is treated as being (x) levels lower when trying to dispel it

This particular option makes it inherently harder (or easier) to dispel, but not counterspell. It makes the spell “tougher” or “weaker” versus the dispel attempt.


Potency (x)

  • Benefit: Increase the Saving Throw penalty for resisting this spell, if it requires one, by an amount equal to X.
  • Penalty: Decrease the Saving Throw penalty for resisting this spell, if it requires one, by an amount equal to X.

This option makes it harder/easier for saving throws to work against it. The more spells levels used, the greater this effect will be.


Assuming there are no more major emergencies, Spell Options 8 will be on sale in January, probably the second or third week. Detail will be posted here/twitter etc when

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