The World Barrier

The World Barrier. Constructed by the combined will and power of an entire pantheon of deities as the last line of defence against a mad god escaping his prison and wrecking havoc on the multiverse.It goes by many names, such as “The Chaotic Abyss”, or “Fire of Creation”. When the gods made the World Barrier, it was made to be as small as possible. However small to a god is not small to a mortal. It covers the entire world like a globe, only a globe that covers an area of almost 4 million square miles. (Note:This is roughly the size of Europe on Earth).

It’s true nature is unknown to any mortal. Some belive it is a physical object, others say it is more like a bleed effect from the raw chaos found before the beginning of time. Others say its something else. Whatever its true nature it is very real and very dangerous to be near.

The barrier itself cannot be seen until you are approximately 10 miles from it. For the majority of people they never see it, but everyone is affected by it. For those who views it, it looks different to each person. Some see it as a wall of flame, others see it as crackling red energy. Simply viewing the WB is unnerving for most people and most leave the viewable area as soon as possible.

Getting to within 10 miles of the WB and the rules of reality start to bend. The closer to the barrier, the worse the effect. Spells start to work differently, people act weird and animals act contrary to their nature. at some point, the rules of space and time start to bend, with distances becoming fluid and time itself looping around and not obeying its own rules. A few lucky people end up at another point of the barrier, other in world unknown. Visitors from other realms and planes are more frequent here. This area is called “The Bleed” and is often used as a crossing point between the twin worlds.

For those behind the barrier, true escape is impossible. Some enterprising mages tried to escape by fleeing to other planes and worlds. Which worked, until they tried to return to the dimension on which Easthalen resides. They found themselves back behind the barrier, even if they have traveled almost unimaginable distances, returning to this dimension means being behind the WB. Others,having learned from the mistakes of their colleges had the bright idea of going back in time to before the barriers creation. They found that travel into the past was limited to the point of the WB creation. Others tried to communicate with those outside. Nothing. Some tried turning themselves into light and passing through the WB. they was never heard from again.

Nothing gets out…Nothing…

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