A moth is an insect related to butterflies. There is thought to be something like 160,000 species of moths, many of which have yet to be discovered.
One particular species has a very odd(for a moth anyway) behavior. This species, which some would argue is in fact a sub-species, breeds in one forested region. Then, on a particular day of the day, they all hatch and take flight at once.

Even eggs that have been removed from this location and taken to other places all hatch at roughly the same time. The fact this takes place during the day is even more puzzling as the majority of moths are nocturnal. At the end of the day they return to their hatching grounds then never take flight in a large mass again and return to a nocturnal lifestyle.

This particular moth, called the Locust Moth by the public because of the way it swarms and the fact it has a colouration similar to a locust, is perfectly harmless to people and crops.

The moths have a longer than average lifespan of about approximately two months. Once they die, their small bodies are quickly harvested as some view them as a delicacy, but only if eaten within the first 24 hours of death, ideally they are captured and preserved just before death to maintain taste and freshness.

Hook & Rumours

  • Scientists investigating the moth behavior belive their share a primitive form of a hive mind
  • Various theory as to why they take flight during their first day have been put forth. There is a race on to study the next flight which is due to occur in 2 day.
  • One popular theory about the moths flight was due to be published by an amateur scientist. This theory was then published a week beforehand by another. Accusations have been made that the theory was stolen by the other person.
  • The party is needed to harvest as many dead moths as possible in time for a festival being held at the end of the month.
  • A “moth farm” has been accused of selling others moths that are not the Locust Moth to restaurants and need to be investigated


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