One thing I have been trying to do with Easthalen is to make it unique. Or as unique as a world with elves, orcs, dragons etc can be. I liken it to a cake recipe – We might have the same ingredients as each other but its how its put together and any unique changes that we add that make it stand out from other equally as good cakes. One such feature is a few unique classes and races. Today I’ll be talking about the classes I have planned to add, that go alongside the traditional paladins, wizards etc. These names are placeholders for now and will probably change at some point

  • Archiver
  • Channeler
  • Keeper


Easthalen is a place full of the arcane energy. So much so that even the dumbest person can use magic. The downside is that only those trained in the arcane arts can prevent the side effects that accompany any spell cast. But what happens when a non-spell caster casts a spell? Who handles the fall-out? The Archivers, who get their name from the organization they started off as, can be thought of as magic police and emergency response. They deal with the fallout from errant spellcasting and are adepts are taking down other mages. They are a combination of an investigator, rapid response, police force and when needed, executioners. If magic is involved, they have an interest. They possess the largest archive of artifacts and items and are not afraid to use it.



When the Great Barrier went up, the build-up of arcane forces, especially in the Bleed and close to the barrier, made the walls of reality rather thin. Some clerics and mages found out that they could tap into the very primal forces of the planes themselves. Unlike the druids, a Channeler acts as a conduit, taking the elemental energy and crafting it into a tangible force. As their power progresses, they can stretch this power further and further, into the astral planes, the various realms of the gods and eventually even into other prime material planes. Each Channler specialises or chooses a favorite plane to be “bound” to and they draw their strength and power mostly from that one, but they are not limited to that choice. Being able to tap into other versions of yourself can be quite impressive.



The Great Barrier , erected to help keep a mad god from destroying the rest of reality, caused many changes for the people of Easthalen.  Many were physical changes, but for one country, the change was psychological. Seemingly overnight, for reasons not talked about outside the inner council, 99% of the population transferred their souls into items, making them powerful, sentient artifacts and items. Not just weapons, but books, ropes, ladders, lanterns and much more. But there was one major flaw. Almost none of the items could move on their own. The Keepers are the response to that. These are trusted individuals, or groups, who are allowed to utilize these items. They have little to no magic power on their own (no-more than most people would have) but make up for it with a staggering array of items, each one sentient, to various degrees and possessing power. To many, a Keeper is and transporter of the items and mediator, as the items sometimes have their own agendas and do not always see eye-to-eye on things.

The Keepers have a surprisingly good relationship with the Archivers, who were the first to recognize that these items should be treated as a species in their own right and that “owning” one is akin to having a slave. This approval from a powerful group went a long way to making sure that all the Great Houses recognise the status of the Sentient Items as individuals and, due to technicaltys in the laws of the land, a nation in their own right.


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