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I fancied a change this week for a Wednesday and lo, Jay from It’s Just Soup got in touch about their new interesting kickstarter about their Epic Hero and Villian Feat cards

It’s Just Soup Studios has a new idea for taking tabletop RPG gaming to a whole new level.

The idea is a simple concept – a deck of cards played alongside the game that give the players the feeling of playing a true Hero in any Tabletop RPG. It allows players alter their own dice rolls to do heroic feats, recharge their abilities, and even heal their characters. The players take command of the action and the odds and become heroes.

But their hero’s power comes with a price.

Each card played goes to the GM, and he flips the card over, revealing a host of game altering abilities that he can use to make the villains in the story foes worthy of powerful heroes!

The play remains simple. Each player may play 1 card per turn. To use a card, a player simply selects an ability on the card, and presents the card to the GM. The GM applies the cards effects to the game, takes the card and adds it to his Villain Cards. The GM may also play cards any time he chooses.

Once a player accumulates 5 or more cards in his heroic reserve, he may trade them in for a draw of 1 epic hero card.

Each epic hero cards grants a player a powerful permanent ability and a host of finite abilities that he may use at any time.

But beware – once Epic Hero Cards are in play, then the GM may play Epic Villain Cards!

Epic Hero and Villain Feat Cards are system neutral which means these cards work with many Tabletop RPG games and they are designed to appeal to a broad range of RPG players.

Check out the video and if you like it, back the kickstarter.


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