Geode by Aldo Katayanagi
Geode by Aldo Katayanagi (Click for full size image)

The geode have been in their current position for an untold amount of time. As you walk among them, one cracks open,and within you see a humanoid figure, awake and exploring the new world that is open to them.

  • Who is the person in the geode?
  • What purpose do they serve? Are they egg-like spawn of another long forgotten creature or a way of preserving the last of a dying race?
  • What are the meaning of the carving on the outside? Are they a blessing, instructions, a warning or a curse?
  • What is the geode made from?
  • Why where the geode left here?
  • Where did they come from?
  • How long ago were the geodes made or formed? Just how long have they been here?

Credit :  Aldo Katayanagi


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