An assassin is someone who murders by surprise attack, especially one who carries out a plot to kill a prominent person. They may operate for pay or for an idea. Often banded together in a group or guild so that there is no clash of assassins over targets.
This generator was made from information and ideas by reddit user /u/OrkishBlade. More details can be found in the thread here

Assassins Guild Details
The guild’s symbol is...[randomtext category="group-ass-symbol" random="1"]
The guild’s preferred method of
execution is...
[randomtext category="group-ass-exec" random="1"]
Guildmembers typically arm
themselves with...
[randomtext category="group-ass-arm" random="1"]
Guildmembers typically operate...[randomtext category="group-ass-ops" random="1"]
Guildmembers typically know...[randomtext category="group-ass-know" random="1"]
The guild’s leader is...[randomtext category="group-ass-leader" random="1"]
The guild’s goals include...[randomtext category="group-ass-goal" random="1"]
The guild refuses to take contracts
to kill...
[randomtext category="guild-ass-cont" random="1"]
Guildmembers typically strike
[randomtext category="group-ass-strike " random="1"]
Guildmembers typically plan their
attacks for…
[randomtext category="guild-ass-plan" random="1"]
The guild’s headquarters is hidden
in or near...
[randomtext category="guild-ass-hq" random="1"]
The guild is feared or respected
[randomtext category="guild-ass-fear" random="1"]
Distinguishing feature for an
individual: The assassin has…
[randomtext category="group-ass-feat" random="1"]
Distinguishing weapon for an
individual: The assassin carries…
[randomtext category="group-ass-weap" random="1"]


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