Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: Mature Adult
Size: huge

Coloring: Dark red above, light red below

Back: Double row of stegosaur plates
Head: Ceratopsian-like with a short nasal horn, long brow horns, a short frill, and spikes on the cheeks
Horns: Two short sideways horns on snout
Jaws: Dragon
Limbs: 4 Limbs, 2 for manipulation and 2 for movement
Tail: Forked fish-like
Wings: Dragon wings (Normal flight)

Intelligence: Human (14)
Communication: Normal speech (Tongues Spoken: draconic, auran, gnome, dwarven, Daro, undercommon, orc, Thyatian, elven, gnoll, goblin, )
Breath Weapon: Cone of Fire
Body chemistry: Healing blood

Special Abilities:

Class: None
Gender: female
Personality: Imitative, disingenious
Quirks: Rubs large belly often

Created by using : Tablesmith

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