Reina Stewart, Female Half-elf Rgr 4: Medium Humanoid (5 ft. 2 in. tall); HD4d10+0; hp 30; Init +1 (Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 16 (+5 from chain mail, +1 Dex); Atks +4 melee (1d8+0; crit x3, warhammer), or +1 ranged (1d6+0; crit x3, short bow); AL LG; Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +3; Str 13 (+1), Dex 13 (+1), Con 10 (0), Int 9 (-1), Wis 14 (+2), Cha 5 (-3);
Skills: (35 SP) Handle Animal +4, Knowledge (Nature) +6, Search +6, Survival (Temperate Wetlands) +9, Swim +8.
Languages: Common, Elven.
Feats: Improved Shield Bash, Rapid Reload.
(Note: The feats are not included in the above calculations, as with Alertness, Iron Will, or Weapon Focus.)
Starting Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light), Endurance, Martial Weapon Proficiency, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Track.
SA: Combat Style: Two Weapon Fighting; 2 Favored Enemies; Kobold, Ettin, .
SQ: Track, Wild Empathy, Endurance , , Animal Companion.

Equipment: chain mail, warhammer, cold weather outfit, 1 lb of soap, 35 ft of hemp rope, 4 candles, 5 vials of holy water, 9 sq yds of canvas, belt pouch, belt pouch, block and tackle, chime, feather, flint and steel, half gallon waterskin, oiled belt pouch, scroll case, tinderbox, whetstone, pouch containing 4 gp, 17 sp, 12 cp.

Random Spells for a 4th Level Ranger with 14 Wisdom (Includes Bonus Spells (with bonus 0-level spells) ) (Save DC12 + spell level):
Daily Spells: (0) (Bonus Spells: 1); Prepared: 1st lvl: Calm Animals;

Character Description
This half-elf is of medium height and big-boned (104 lbs.) for her race.
She is an old woman with thin, long, wavy blonde hair, and slanted hazel eyes with pencil-thin eyebrows. She has a gray complexion, smooth skin, and a small head with a pear-shaped face that has a low forehead and double chins. Her nose is broken and her mouth is small with thick lips. Her teeth are white and her breath is pleasant. Her ears are cauliflower-like, and she has firm, small breasts. Her arms are normal, her legs are long, and her fingers are muscular. She is wearing bright clothing and a sour expression, and walks with clumsy movements. There is a faint, undefined perfume emanating from the woman.
She is brilliant, cheerful and ponderous, and speaks in an accented, a stuttering voice, and has no outstanding interests to speak of.
She seems of normal sanity.

One other item of interest concerning this woman; she seems to be quite conceited.

Personal History
This character spent the first few years of her life in a Fringe Community of 16 Half-elves, Half-orcs, and other mixed breeds and outcasts. She was raised in an area considered Subtropical Forests – primarily sparse evergreen copses.
Both of her Parents are alive and healthy. Her Grandparents are unknown. They all died before she was old enough to remember them. She is the middle child of her family, and has three older siblings as well as one younger sibling. She has at least 10 other living relativesthat she is aware of. She has several friends that she considers companions, but they aren’t particularly close to her.

She grew up in a family that was run by the Elders of the family. The oldest members controlled the family.
Although a few of her relatives may still be alive, she considers herself to be an Orphan after being discarded by those who were supposed to be her true family. Consequently, she insists that she has no known family, and was raised by a family of moderate means that loved her for herself. As she was growing up, her family were considered Lower Class. Her family were servants, and she has been struggling to escape that stigma nearly all of her life.
During the times of her life when it became necessary to defend themselves, her family relied upon outside protection such as guards or mercenaries. She never had the need, nor desire to prepare herself for any potential conflict. She was raised to leave any fighting that may crop up to the ‘Pros’.
Privately, her family held to the letter of contracts and agreements, and could always be depended on to ‘do the right thing’ – earning them a reputation for honesty and reliability. Her family’s public ethics could be summed up as undeserved. Clearly, the community has the wrong idea. Her family’s reputation in the community however, is essentially unknown, as her family has no perceived character. Individuals are treated according to the situation without any regard to the family name.
Her family’s Religious preferences were strong as she was growing up. Her family was deeply committed to

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as their patron Deity.
Politically, her family would be considered Dissident. Her family is secretly supporting a movement to overthrow the existing rulers.
Her family tree is rather barren of any special branches or notoriety, as her family has no remarkable relatives or ancestors of note to date.

Her childhood was essentially normal. The only thing that might be considered unusual was the fact that she had survived an attack by a wolf. Although the event was traumatic, she could not have been the woman she is now without it.
During the years of her youth, she had broken the law as a youngster. She was able to avoid the repercussions of the crime, and subsequently learned how to dodge the consequences and survive.
Unfortunately, she has become a Refugee. She was forced to become a displaced person as the result of a famine that decimated her community 7 years ago.
Her early education was couched in the Outdoors, where she learned basic wilderness survival skills. Later, she learned basic mathematics, but she has no real desire to use the knowledge she had gained. Currently, she has been making a living as a Squire. The job’s not that fulfilling, but it helps pay the bills.
As far as her relationships with her Instructors went, she had a basic education. A particularly good instructor taught her the basic skills, and as far as she knows, is alive, well, and still teaching.
At this point in her life, she has no known enemies.

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