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Quick Generator Extended Book Titles #1

Titles/Names/Topics for non-fiction books in fantasy worlds

Books can be as varied as the people who read them, from non-fiction titles about important subjects to fiction stories that cover tales and sagas of daring adventures or hopeless romantics.

Quite often, the title of the book, especially in non-fiction, is descriptive and gives you important information about what is contained within – after all, if you need to read about alchemical practises, a book that covers the mythology of a certain creature isn’t going to be very helpful.

This extended quick generator PDF set of tables gives you 100 x 200 , or 20,000 possible names or titles for books. This first volume in this mini-series covers various non-fiction subjects suitable for worlds set in the fantasy genre.

Example output includes…

  • Octavio of Ashes
  • Cypher of Twisted Visions
  • Register of Closing Eyes
  • Vade Mecum of Shifting Worlds


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