Now real-life things have settled down, in addition to the pdf I bring out for Ennead Games most weeks, I can focus a bit more on the streaming for my twitch channel over @ MobiusTempus  .

A regular, predictable schedule of days, times and games will help a lot to grow the channel. This, so far is what I have planned for each day, with a summary at the bottom. All times are in GMT, but on the channel page, there is a widget that shows you the time of the next planned stream in your local time.


Time Slot – 7:30 pm

Game – Saints Row 4

After i have done the storyline, will be doing “Gat out of Hell”, then SR3. Probably won’t be playing the first two as I much prefer the goofy humour and weirdness of the later games.



Time Slot – 6:00 pm

Game – Star Trek Online

This will be an ongoing game. One I have done the main storyline for the current character (Mal Clarvan, space dwarf) will be working on getting the fleet up and running and running foundry missions and so on. Maybe even starting as a Klingon-aligned character to show off the other side of things.



Time Slot – 7:30 pm

Game – Witcher 3

This is going to be a tricky one. I have had to slightly downgrade the settings of the game to get to run at the same time as the streaming software. I don’t know how good it will be until I run the stream live. If it’s too bad a quality, I’ll be replacing it with something else. But fingers crossed, it does seem fine when I run it on my end, just not going to be optimal.



Time Slot – 6:00 pm

Game – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This is a tricky game to get running. I *think* I have sorted out the issues, but KOTOR is notorious for getting to work whilst streaming. I have had to reduce the resolution to a minimum (still goes ok) and turn off the in-game movies, like the intro, but, for the most part, it works at an acceptable level. Nominally, I am making Thursdays “Star Wars Day”, so once this game is done, will be working with others that I have, maybe even playing The Old Republic (TOR) MMO, but that’s not guaranteed.



Time Slot – 7:30 pm

Game – Fallout

Will be starting with Fallout 1, then working through 2, 3, New Vegas and then 4. This gives me plenty of material to work with and will be going for a long time. Once I get to FO4, there are plenty of user-created quests and so on to work through as well. Once THOSE are done, well, then I will be looking into something else – but that is a long, long way off. The first 2 games, 1 and 2, I have never played before so will be a blind-playthrough.

There is a small chance that some Fridays will start later or not happen at all. I hope it won’t be often, but the best thing to do is to keep an eye out on twitter. If you don’t see a stream announcement for that day, assuming it won’t be taking place that day.



Time Slot – 8:00 pm alternating weeks

Game – Day Off/Star Trek Adventures-Damocles

I found out a long time ago, that if I work too much and not have at least one day off I can mentally burn out. do NOT want that to happen again. So every other week on a Saturday will be time off, then the week after is the planned Star Trek Adventures game.

Something else I have to cover, in case it happens, is that with having players in different time zones and other real-life commitments, the STA game may be on different weekends. I know this sounds a bit wishy-washy, but with the Saturday streams, treat them as “hopefully on this day” rather than “it will be today”.



Time Slot – 11:00 am

Game – Lord of the Rings Online

I have now set up the kinship on Laurelian (RP) server. If you have finished the tutorial area for your class/race and want to join “The Order of Teithiwr Amser” then tune in on Sundays and I’ll go over more details on the day. This will be a chill kinship, won’t be focusing on raids or anything like that, but if those within want to organise ones they will be more than welcome. There will not be any drama (i hope) or elitism. This will be for me and others to play the game, help each other out, have fun and hopefully be entertaining.



  • Monday – 7:30 pm – Saints Row 4
  • Tuesday – 6:00 pm – Star Trek Online
  • Wednesday – 7:30 pm – Witcher 3
  • Thursday – 6:00 pm – Star Wars – Knights of The Old Republic
  • Friday – 7:30 pm – Fallout
  • Saturday – 8:00 pm – Star Trek Adventures-Damocles/Day Off
  • Sunday – 110:00 am – Lord of the Rings Online


General Notes/Comments

Difficulty Levels

On games where there is a difficulty slider, I’ll be playing it on easy mode. Yeah to some people that is a cop-out, but you know what? I play games to have fun and not get stressed. Plus my reactions are not that great, especially with the minor health issues I have. You want to play a game or harder setting? Excellent, I hope you do well, seriously I do. But I won’t be playing it on that level.


Sort of related to the above, but on some games, like Fallout 4,  Witcher 3 etc, I’ll be using mods and plugins to help my gameplay or ,If I am honest, remove parts of the game I find annoying or cumbersome, such as item decay/damage etc. Also, some of the mods are more quality of life or add extra options without being “cheaty”. I know some people prefer a game to be “as is”, but I like tweaking/adding mods to games that allow them.






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