Due to some technical issues with the games and streaming software I’ve had to modify the games that I am running on HERE. As far as I can tell it’s not one thing that’s causing the problems, but a combination of the games being old, my system not being 100% perfect and having to run in a window, rather than having two screens (for game and OBS/Streaming software that is needed).

This means that on Thursdays will be playing another MMO – Assuming no issues will be Star Wars – The Old Republic and on Fridays am jumping ahead to Fallout 3 (then NV and FO4 once they are done). This will be added to the “set up a guild/group” plan for playing with others and so on. I think this will be it for MMOs for me, for the foreseeable future at least.

Saturdays still remain the same – Planned to have STA every couple of weeks, but that may change to do irl commitments from players and so on – Saturdays may have impromptu streams or alternate characters for the other games, such as TOR and so on, but this will be on a week by week basis. The other days will be the same until the games come to a natural end.

So here is the update streaming schedule – accurate as of Feb 14th, 2018. Times are in GMT. A Widget on the stream page should tell you the next scheduled stream time in your local time zone.

Monday7:30pmSaints Row 4
Tuesday6:00 pmStar Trek Online
Wednesday7:30pmWitcher 3
Thursday6:00 pmStar Wars: The Old Republic
Friday7:30pmFallout 3
Saturday8:00 pm None planned /Star Trek Adventures: Damocles
Sunday11:00 amLord of the Rings Online

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