The first week of November will be the launch of “Lifeform Maker” – An updated version of the Lifeform maker from the old Multiverse Kit.  Very soon i’ll be getting round to at least starting on a project I have been putting off for a while – Not sure when it will be out, but it will be worth it – It’s going to be the Sci-Fi version of the Backgrounds and Details kit 2.  I’ll be using the output from some of these in my upcoming Star Trek Adventures game(s), so makes sense to be talking about them here.

In the meantime, here is a preview of the possible output from “Lifeform Maker” – This is a straight excerpt taken from the PDF and shows two possible outcomes – one made using the Quick system and another using the Detailed System.

Quick Output

After a roll on the first table in the Base Lifeform section, we get a 17 – Reptilian. A second roll on the reptilian table gives the result of a Cobra.

Rolling a 13 on the Master Aspect table tells us to change the shape. This results in a “Pyramidal/Cone” change.

This creature looks and acts virtually the same as the cobra found on Earth, except that it is smaller at the front and could be considered to be a cone shape when viewed from the side.


Detailed Output

For the more detailed creature example, we’ll be using a different creature, and this time it is the ape/monkey/human. I picked this one rather than roll for it as it the life form we are all most familiar with and it’s a great base-line creature to use to see how radically different things can quickly become.

Rather than go through each possible result, dice roll etc. I’ll instead show you the final outcome.

Aspect Detail
Base Creature Human/Ape
Size Huge (7)
Age/Lifespan 40 years
Colouration Blue
Communication Primary Pheromones/Olfactory


Diet Carnivore
Height/Length 21 feet tall
Intelligence Level Average (100)
Limbs No Changes
Movement Walking/Jumping
Pain Tolerance 10%
Reproduction Marsupial/pouch – typically three children, once a year
Senses Eyes/Sight – standard, vertical slit pupil (20/20 vision)
  Nose/Smell – Standard
  Ears/Sound – 2 Pits on top of head, range (125-2,000 Hz)
  Mouth/Taste – Long beak (taste rating 65%)
  Touch Rating = 2
Shape Pyramidal/Cone
Sleep/Activity Dusk/Dawn for 6 hours
Skin/Hide Feathered, with a stripe pattern
Strength x8 base creature
Terrain Plains
Temp Tolerance (C) -15 min/40 max
Weight 7 tons
Advantage Electrical Resistance
Disadvantage Colour Clash
Quirks Intoxicated by…Sea Water


Something else to point out is that Patrons will receive a copy of this PDF as part of their subscription when it comes out in the first week of November, with the expected price to be $1.99, so if you have a $1 sub you get this for in effect half price as your “free” pdf for the month as well as other benefits.


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