Treachery Quiver

“I reached for an arrow from my quiver automatically. He smiled at me and mouthed a word I couldn’t hear. Nothing was there. Panicing, I looked round to see it was empty. They were all gone..all of them All that remained was a pile of dust. When I looked round again he had escaped.”

Treachery Quiver
Power Level : Major (4)
Activation : Word (Any Language)
Approximate Age : Couple – 2 years
Condition : Fair (4)

The treachery quiver is not an item that many people would want to use themselves. IT can be thought of as a cursed item by those who become victim to it, but it many ways it does precisely what it designer meant it to do. The Treachery Quiver (TQ) main purpose is , on utterance of a command word, to make any arrows or bolts within it disintegrate into dust, the idea being that you can use this to disarm your enemies when they think they have you covered. The main problem is getting them to use the TQ in the first place. That is where the secondary power effect comes into play. The default form of the quiver is a rather plain-looking leather quiver with what look likes runes around the lip. By placing it against another quiver and saying the secondary command, the TQ takes on the visual appearance of the one it was placed against. This appearance can be passed onto other TQs and unless some kind of magic detection is utilised, it cannot be distinguished from the original in any way.

The command word to activate the main power can be said in any language, must be decided on construction of the TQ in the first place. Enchanted ammo has a good chance of surviving the disintegration effect.

There is a variant that instead of disintegrating the ammunition, instead teleport it’s to another designated quiver instead. There is a story that a traitor to a kingdom somehow managed to get the enemies archery force all equipped with the variant of the TQ. At the height of the battle, the leader shouted the command word through a form of arcane amplification. This caused the entire defending force to lose all their ammo at once and the attackers quivers to become restocked. Realising what had occurred, the defending leader offered surrender,but was turned down and the entire city was ransacked and burnt to the ground.

Many realms have placed bans on the manufacturing of these quivers, at least officially with many keeping them in fact for themselves. Anyone caught with one is treated with a high amount of suspicion and brought before a truth-sayer to determine if they are a victim or if they are going to be using it on another.

For details and explanation on R.I.G.S and it’s terminology, read this post

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