This weeks resource is the free to use website NaturalCrit.

Natural Crit is a site that allows you to make documents that look just as good as the official ones you can find done by the makers of 5e. Now it’s not 100% the same, but it’s damm close and for homebrew of things you want to put up on the DMsGuild it’s perfect.

At first glance, it looks complicated. Lots of text on the left and a live-preview on the right. But practically everything you need is right there. It shows you an example and you are encouraged to mess around with the text. The live preview shows you what you are typing in the new format.

The site uses Markdown to format things and it’s mightly impressive

You can…

  • Add in new tables and fill them with ease
  • Add headings
  • Use highlight boxes
  • Add in art if desired
  • much more
  • When done, you can export to PDF
  • Easy to share your ‘brews with others

Although there is only a little bit of help on-site,

The best part is, it’s ALL free and, according to the author, always will be free. As with other projects like this, the author does has a patreon page, and i heavily encourage you to donate if you can to help keep this awesome resource going and free to use.

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