drawing from an egyptian relief,
drawing from an egyptian relief, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RIGS 3.4 – Teleporting Chariot

“I was lucky enough to be on the chariot when it was last used. We were fleeing the Ma’drok forces. We had stolen back some artifacts they had taken in their last raid. Most of them had cultural importance with a few being potent items. We didn’t realise the chariot was one of them. They got closer and closer and their arrows and spear hit the side of the chariot, causing my companion to swear an ancient word. I just wished we was home. It seemed that those two actions activated the chariots power and it glowed brightly like the noon sun. When it faded we were outside my home. Now we just had to stop in time…”

Teleporting Chariot
Power Level: Artefact (10)
Activation: Will
Approximate Age: Many – 26 years
Condition: Fine (9)

A chariot is a type of carriage driven by a charioteer using primarily horses to provide rapid motive power. Chariots were used in militaries as transport or mobile archery platforms, for hunting or for racing. They come in many designs, with some being ornate and gaudy and others being rather plain. The Teleporting chariot (TC) belongs to the latter category. To see it you would not think that the artifact has the power to teleport anywhere in the same plane of existence.

Using the chariot is quite simple. The user must be traveling at the top speed possible for the creatures pulling it. Then a clear picture of the destination is required must focus on. This must be a place that the thinker is very familiar with, otherwise, the chariot will take a “best guess” and teleport the user to the location it believes is the right one. It is advised to think of an area with plenty of room when your arrive as you will be going the same speed as when you teleported. Luckily enough the charts secondary powers help to slow down the chariot fast and protect the users, but you still need the room.

It does come with a minor downside. Anyone using it more than twice in one week starts to develop an addiction to speed and going fast. If there is an option of going faster, such as taking a crazy wild horse through a warzone, they will take it. If they can use the TC, they will. Breaking this addiction is quite easy, as tey have to simply not go above their normal running speed for 2 weeks.
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