RIGS 5.07 – Aportation Broadsword

“This weapon was found about 23 years ago, but is clearly much older than that. Although who truly discovered it on the Quinatis Expedition has been forgotten, Lady Quinatis was who funded the trip to the keep 2 miles into The Bleed and is who is credited with it. It was during the expedition that we were attacked by some raiders, looking for a wealthy target to take as a hostage. Now, Lady Quinatis is an expert sword user, but her sword was back at base camp for some reason. So when she called for a weapon, someone grabbed one they had found lying on the ground and threw it to her, which she grabbed and swung in one graceful and impressive move. There was a crack in the air and the target disappeared. We found him later dead, his head phased into a nearby wall…”

Aportation Broadsword
Power Level: Artefact (10)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: Many – 23 years
Condition: Falling apart (1)

Although rusty with many nooks and cracks on the blade, the Aportation Broadsword(AB) is a viable artifact for use in combat. It has all the standard features of a sword but looks rather plain and old. A few scholars have suggested that this may have been one of the first batches of enchanted items ever made in this world and that its true age is actually many thousands of years old

The main power of the blade is to aport, or move, anyone or anything it hits or damages. This teleportation like effect is short ranged and in a random direction – This includes up and down as well, not just on the same level. If there are other objects in the location to which the subject is moved, they the two become fused together. If one happens to be organic or living then that being dies in rather a painful fashion.
The sword has two other known powers, with the second one more being suspected by scholars and sages. The first is that no matter how damaged it appears to be, it is a viable weapon to use in combat. In fact, it seems that the more damaged it appears to be, the deadlier it becomes and this applies to the teleportation effect.
The other power that is suspected but not yet proven is that this sword is capable of killing a deity and granting its power to the user.

The major downside that has been discovered is that the sword seems to give off an aura that makes the users life “interesting”. Major events, both good and bad, seem to occur with a much higher frequency around the user

It is believed that this sword cannot be destroyed by normal means. Legends say that the only was to truly undo ii, is to somehow make sure it was never forged in the first place, as all attempts to break it seem to make it stronger and more resilient.
R.I.G.S. Results Volume 4, available here

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