As a said yesterday, heat and other issues has made it hard for me to focus and also feel queasy/nauseous. So there is no gap, here’s a copy and paste repost from the first volume of RIGs – The Lager of Regeneration.

Lager of Regeneration

“Such a cool, reff-*burrp*-shing drink. I feel like I could, I could…take on the worldsss…No I am not dunksh…whats maskessss you shay that? *hic*”

Bradley Malory, Famous Drunkard

Lager of Regeneration

Power Level: Greater (9)

Activation: Blood – Target

Approximate Age: Several – 8 years

Condition: Fair (4)

The Lager of Regeneration was first developed about 8 years ago, although like many great discoveries, it was not what was intended. Originally meant to be a simple liquid filled capsule, the concoction didn’t regenerate anything beyond the most simple of scars and injuries. This in itself was for the inventors a major breakthrough. To celebrate they decided to hold a party in the local brewery. During the festivities the prototype capsule fell into a vat of lager that was ready for being put into barrels.

The one who dropper the capsule panicked and dove into the vat, cutting themself badly on something sharp, letting their blood flow quite freely. Many though that he was going to die once they fished him out. To their amazement, his wounds healed before their very eyes and within seconds he was up and about like nothing happened, although he was quite drunk.

Through tests and experiments on the batch, it was discovered that the combination of the lager and the contents of the capsule had created a rather potent regeneration effect. The only thing it really needed was an identifier; something to indicate to the lager which cells and body it was to heal.

This is where the blood came in. Without it the lager is just a potent and very tasty drink that can leave a rather nasty hangover. With the blood catalyst, the lager grants the one whose blood is dropped within it and then drinks it, the ability to regenerate from all but death by decapitation, fire, or acid. In effect, if the user can drink the lager and get drunk from it, it will work.

The realm in which this lager was developed has in the last few years developed a reputation of being a rather difficult force to deal with, as they seemingly cannot be killed and stumble across the battlefield in a drunken haze, taking swigs from their flask, getting more and more drunk and harder to kill. The best way to defeat them is simply to let them get very drunk and start fights with each other, as once the drunk effect wears off, so does the regeneration effect.


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