Assuming nothing goes belly up and we don’t get struck by some weird anomaly, the second part of the “pilot” episode of Star Trek Adventures:Damocles will be streamed, this coming Saturday on my twitch channel, which can be found HERE. (

Today I’m going to be writing up my notes and ideas for part two along with jotting down some thoughts for future episodes.

I already have one guest episode done by RPGCrunch which is planned to be used in episode 4.

On the stream day, i’ll be taking my cue, in terms of running things, in terms of chat and messages from Critical Role/High Rollers/Shield of Tomorrow etc (won’t be as professional as them I am under no illusion of that – IT’s 4 people playing a game and generally having fun).

I’ll be going over these points on the stream as well:

  • The stream chat will be closed or covered on my end, for the most part, except for a short duration during the break and at the end. Whilst I love reading the chat on my streams, on a narrative based game like this it can be very distracting and break the flow of things.
  • It’s gonna be what I have dubbed “lore-lite” in that I won’t be saying precise distances, I may get the dates wrong etc, but major universe stuff, like the wormhole being near Bajor
  • Rules lawyers will be asked to leave via the airlock and no environmental suit – I’m still learning the game, as are the players – If you want a 100% serious by-the-book one yourself
  • It will be more narrative focus, but combat will occur sometimes
  • I’ll do my best to keep looking up rules etc to a minimum
  • Roll20 may lag etc – That’s more the fault of my machine rather than anything else
  • At some point, hopefully, sooner rather than later, will be setting up a system so that those who are watching can donate to give players bonus dice rolls, causes events to happen etc. Not sure how this will work, but it’s in the works

The planned start time is 8 pm GMT on February the 3rd  2018. The session will probably be about 2 hours or so with a small break about halfway through, story allowing.


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