Traint the Behemoth

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: Mature Adult
Size: colossal

Coloring: Solid copper

Back: Normal
Head: Crocodile-like with a single nasal horn
Horns: A knob(s) of a forehead horn
Jaws: Dragon
Limbs: 4 Limbs, 2 for manipulation and 2 for movement
Tail: Forked bludgeon-like tail with spines that can be fired like those of a manticore
Wings: Vestigial wings (No flight)

Intelligence: Low (6)
Communication: Normal speech (Tongues Spoken: Thyatian, halfling, goblin, gnoll, Common of Dragon Lands, Glantrian (Thyatian dialect), Ranax, orc, Western Oltec, )
Breath Weapon: Cone of Clumsiness (Dex dmg)
Body chemistry: Poisonous blood

Special Abilities:
Fast Healing (5)
Regeneration (15)

Class: None
Gender: female
Personality: Disingenious
Quirks: Hair dye covering collar

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