Combat Style: Cunning Foot

Typical Maneuvers:
outside the Plains Attacking Stance
-The Defiant Cunning Thrusting Guard

Combat Style: Wild Autumn

Typical Maneuvers:
Hitting Manuever of the sixty-four fighting Autumns
-Wild Kraken Exploding Stance
Slamming Style of the Wild Autumn
-The Diamond Fox Raking Step aside
Punching Technique of the sixty-four danceing Autumns
above the Autumns Assaulting Guard

Combat Style: Checkered Punching Step aside

Typical Maneuvers:
Slamming Style of the Checkered Foo lion
-Checkered Siangham of couchs with Villainous Mantis Slamming Leap
Naginatas Siangham chaseing Technique of the Checkered North
beyond the Knees Punching Step aside

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