As I have mentioned a few times, here and on twitter, I’ve run out of all the planned generators I had notes and deatails for.  Now there is no need to panic. This doesnt mean I’m going to stop doing generators on the site, far from it, just that till will not be every week like before. Now the question has come up, what to put in the gap whilst i hunt for new material to make into generators.

Then the other day it hit me – generators are not just the only resource people need.

So, the plan is, starting next week, on any weeks I can get a generator out, I’ll be putting up other resources for people to use.

These could be, but not limited to…

  • Map Tiles
  • Maps
  • Programs and tools
  • Printouts/player handouts
  • Other sites, such as blogs

I’ll be putting up a new page for just these links and materials, called imaginatively, Resources. Like the generators, they will be sorted by subject and further divided into genres or other appropriate categories.

Now due to the nature of this page, I’ll be more open to taking suggestions and comments about what to go in there. I don’t expect it to end up being the ultimate location to visit for resources, but I still want it to be handy for GMs, players and writers to have access to.


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