Yesterday I mentioned the Dungeon Feature series and some of the planned pdf I have for that range, as well as Urban Features, Wilderness Features (like Waterfalls ettc. Basically if it occurs “naturally” or in the wilds will be classed as a wilderness feature).

Fingers crossed and Q-willing, the first episode of the start of Star Trek Adventures: Damocles will be starting, with session notes/details going up on patron first then be available to the public a few days later. I even made one of those starship dedication plates you see on the shows (click on the image below for full-sized version)

With this game starting (assuming nothing goes wibbly), it means I’ll have the perfect excuse for ramping up and working on more sci-fi materials. Some planned projects include:

  • Sci-Fi version of the backgrounds and details pdf – This is something I have been putting on the back burner for a while due to the amount of work it would take. I’m looking at following a similar path to other sci-fi based games, including STA, in using a life-path system
  • Updated Starship Maker – The plan, like the top-selling Lifeform Maker, will be to take the older versions, combine, update and expand where needed
  • Culture Maker – This was originally part of the Multiverse Kit, but warrants being stand-alone. This will give you details on various cultures, from the various nations on a single planet to star-spanning empires. It won’t go into a huge amount of detail, but be designed as a starting point, giving you details on the cultures major points, such as the design of the ships, their general outlook on life and so.
  • More in the Equipment Maker series – This will cover more than just weapons, but tools, vehicles, mechs and so on.
  • Starbase Maker – A version of the Starship Maker that focuses on starbases. There will be some overlap with Starship version, with weapons, defences etc.

These are just the planned projects/line and I’ll be thinking up new ones all the time to add to my expanding to-do list.



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