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Hi there, today is the last update I’ll be making on this blog, at least in the previous format.

Now it’s nothing to worry about, it’s just the part of me that is “uuurgh , this isnt working, I need to change things up a bit” finally gettings its’ say in how things are run. This is not the first time I have had and acted on the urge to change things up and I suspect it wont be the last either.

It will take a little while before I start doing this, so don’t be surprised if between now and the end of the month there is only a little bit of blog content. This heat is 100% making it hard for me to sleep and maintain mental energy with things, so that really doesnt help matters. So the rest of this month will be rather quite on the blog front. I find it easier to keep track of things, espically new projects and ways of doing stuff, if I do so at the start of the week/month.


The changes being made :

  1. Updates will now be once a month, if that. I started them as a way to keep track of things for myself, but at the end of the day, they are not needed unless there is something update worthy.
  2. This means there is now a gap on Wednesday’s for things. I will be moving World-Building/Wor;d Anvil stuff to there to there, mainly for the illteration if nothing else – World (Anvil/Building) Wednesday!


Things staying the same (or slighty modified):

  1. PDF Monday – When I have a PDF out, it will be detailed on Monday’s slot, with older titles being hilighted on the weeks when I dont release anything.
  2. Friday Lists – Friday list weill still be based on my content, but, at some point, I will run out and have to start remaking lists. So, this day will cover lists that are either 20, 50 or 100 entries long.


New thing (iregular schedule):

  • Content made from my PDF. As a way to hilight my work, and to give people content they can use, will be showing off the possible result my generators can output. This might just be a few examples in the case of the shorter PDFs , but will not be lists – Thats what the Friday slot is for. Some will be using my existing online generators and others that are still in PDF form.
  • Other “random” content. This is a catch all I am using for sharing other blogs I like, reviews or other general nonsense. Could be programs I like using, books I have found particulary interesting or anything else. Heck even videos that give tips that others have done. I might be willing to take submissions for this category of things, but , to be transprant on things, I will be giving priorty to those I have interected with postivitly in the past on twitter, discord and so on.
  • Sales, such as from itchi.io or DTRPG going live.


So, to summerise – The blog will be changing, but the core content will be staying the same, just shuffled around, with ireegular new things being published as and when I can do it.




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