Another week where not much happened personally but got some stuff done that I wanted to and a bit more.

  • PDF – Got the content done for “Equipment Maker 8 – Ships” and now in the stage of making the document – Should be out for this coming Monday
  • Streaming – Played a bit more Borderlands 2, but the main one Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers, went, well it was the smoothest expansion launch I have ever been involved with for an MMO. Granted the main influx starts now, but, so far I rate it 8/10.
  • World Anvil Summer Camp 2019 – As mentioned yesterday, I started the World Anvil Summer Camp 2019, a link to my page can be found HERE.
  • Books – “Ghosts of Saltmarsh” and “Acquisitions Incorporated” arrived yesterday, with “Descent into Avernus” due in September. The Alpha Quadrant book for Star Trek Adventures (or as I am dubbing it in my head the DS9 book) should arrive next month. Also, got a print on demand copy on its way of Spelljammer (2ed edition) to sort of replace the one I had lost many years ago
  • Kickstarters – Over the last 2 years/18 months have backed a few kickstarters and quite a few of the rewards have started to arrive. The time frame was expected, except for the minis being delayed, but these things happen.

All in all, I would say, apart from the humid and stupid heat issues, it’s been a good week. Hopefully more to come 🙂

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