Dungeondraft made square tile with three corridors

A couple of weeks ago in an update, I mentioned that I was working on making some new tiles with the most excellent program, Dungeondraft. Today I started work on what I am calling the “default settings.” As I learn and experiment, the tiles should hopefully improve, but even this simple example tile is for me quite impressive.

An example of the base set tiles format can be found below, along with a printer friendly version. I am thinking that having both versions in any packs/pdfs etc I do will be a good idea.

Dungeondraft made square tile with three corridors
Dungeondraft made square tile with three corridors, a light grey background, dark grey floor and stone “walls”
Printer freindly 8x 8 dungeon tile
Printer friendly (monochrome) 8x 8 dungeon tile


This is going to be one of those projects that will take time as it’s for me something new, but I am in no rush. Combined with the idea I had for Content Packs, a collection of my generator output and maybe dungeon tiles like the above, I am quite hopeful for this.



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