As with the news about Campaign Chunks yesterday, I am taking the next few days to update the latest volume of RIGS. Starting next week, RIGS will have a sci-fi theme to it. Then once that volume of 10 items is done, it’ll be alternating. In the mean time, like yesterday, here is the current RIGS/Volume list.

RIGS Name Volume
Albedo’s Surgical Scissors 2
Alchemical Brain of Brozak 2
Aportation Gem 2
Bandage of Duty 1
Bow of the Raven 3
Brand of Autumn 1
Chaos Magic Cube 3
City Octahedron 3
Crock of Seagulls 4
Divination Elixir 3
Eye of Explosive Light 2
Flag of Influence 2
Forge of the Supreme Weapon 3
Guardian Throne 2
Helm of the Horse 3
Interpreting Languages Chair 3
Ladder of Embarrassment 2
Lager of Regeneration 1
Lamp of Winter 4
Libram of Shadow 1
Lightning Skull 3
Medal of Corruption 1
Miniature Calendar of Items 2
Mirror of Disintegration 4
Necromancy Octahedron 1
Needle of Fertility 4
Net of the Animal trainer 4
Orzsottya Atzonervar’s Stout of the Barkeep 1
Quill of the Dance 4
Ring of Regeneration 4
Shape-change Gauntlet 2
Spear of the Runesmith 2
Staff of Hearing 1
Statues of the Owls 4
Sun Match 1
Teleporting Chariot 3
Tickling Claymore 4
Treachery Quiver 1
Umbral Bomb 3
Whip of Bridges 4

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