How goes it in your corner of the world this week? We got the full-on British “Summer” going on right now. I shouldn’t joke, especially after last year when it was a 4-month long heatwave that put a lot of people in hospital and almost included myself in that.

Had some good and bad things happen this last week. Let’s start with the “bad” get them out the way.

  • Almost had what can be described as an “autistic meltdown” playing Final Fantasy 14 last week. The issue wasn’t with the game, it was full on with me getting frustrated with a particular part. When I did it off stream, still had an issue for a little bit but was able to focus more. Will try and use that as a rule for the future with any game or so on – If I get frustrated to try it no more than say three times then say “Right I gave it a go, let’s do something else in the meantime”
  • Been having sleeping issues (might be related to the above or at least connected with it), but this could also be due to the fact that its mid-summer and the nights are almost at the shorted they will be for the year

That’s the bad stuff out the way, now onto the good bits 😀

  • Completed the main storyline for FFXIV. Really looking forward to Shadowbringers and creating a Viera/Rabbit person as an alt/mule character for storage, plus some of the other changes they said they are bringing in looks interesting
  • Got a new bit of software from Humble Bundle Streamer deal (think it’s ended by now) that had XSplit Vcam in it, which is a program that removes the background like if you have a chroma-key + green screen set up. It’s not as good as a proper green-screen BUT for someone like me who has neither the room nor the money to set up that it works brilliantly and almost makes me look professional when stream 😀 I really like it and it works very well.  A few artefacts when I move, but that’s not a software issue. It works by removing the background digitally so the clearer the definition between the subject, me, and the background the better it works
  • Started a new game on stream Galactic Civ III. Will be giving that a go to the end of at least one campaign then maybe some more Borderlands 2 until Shadowbringers comes out on the 28th (i think) for early access
  • Some excellent RPG related materials are out this month including a few of the Kickstarter stuff I backed and the Alpha Quadrant/Ds9 book from Modiphious. My shelves are starting to get full, even though I got a new unit to hold some more
  • One of the players in my D&D game did an amazing bit of artwork of our group, including me as the GM in my pose that can be described as “Mr burns going excellent crossed with Emperor Palpatine”. It may not be much for people, but the fact they took the time out to this means so much to me I can’t put it into words how much I love and appreciate it


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