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Something I want to try and do more often is show off some example content that can be made with my generators. As this week’s theme is “currency”, the example below follows that theme.

The results that were rolled/generated are as follows :

Use/Slang Name: Ducat
Denominations: 6 tiers – 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50

Image (side 1): Creature – Fantastic/Monster
Image (side 2): Object – Weapon
Image tier differences: Small Variations for each tier

Base Material: Shell
Material tier differences: Same for all tiers

Security: Chemical Reactions – Acid
Security tier differences: Small Variations for each tier

Base Shape: Circle
Shape tier differences: Small Variations for each tier

Base Size : X = 2 cm , Y = 10 cm
Size tier differences: Small Variation for each tier

Format: Note
Format tier differences: Notable Variation for each tier

Quirks/Feature – General : None
Quirks/Feature – Individual item : None


Using the above, we can see that, for this currency, the primary material is shells, with 6 tiers of “notes” made from the shells , maybe the paper like material is based of sea-shells? One side of the “note” is a weapon, the other a monster.  Each “note” is quite wide, but thin, with small or subtle variations for each tier. The genrator says that each note is a circle, but for this one, we’re going to say that the notes are more like streached ovals rather than circles. Each tier is slighty different. As a precaution each note will react in a known way to a certain acid. Those that dont will be declared fake and the owner/user treated accordingly.

As random generators are, by their nature…random…sometimes you should ignore results that dont feel right or match up incorrenctly. For this set of results, I’m going to ignore the “Format tier differences: Notable Variation for each tier” result.

What I tell people is that random generators, including mine, should be used as starting points for your own ideas. Customise for your world and story, add your own content and tweak as you need!

Want to see more possible outputs? Try the free-to-use random currency generator today on this site  (see the link below) :






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