The two new generators this week cover Serials Killers and Witches. As before, see below for a sample of their output and links to the generator pages.

Serial Killers
The killer is… A talented artist.
The killer’s modus operandi is… Ingested poison or allergic reaction.
The killer is often armed with… A garrote and dagger.
The killer’s purposes include… Sowing fear.
The killer leaves a victim… In a signature location.
The killer typically plans murders for… The toll of midnight.
The killer’s base of operations is hidden in or near… A tavern.
The killer’s favorite victims are… Peasant girls.
The killer refuses to kill… Anyone with blonde hair.
The killer often wears… A cap pulled low.
The killer carries… A weapon made of an unusual material
The killer is unusually fond of or particular regarding… Small animals.


Witch The witch is… A stern barmaid.
The witch learned her craft from… A neighbor.
The witch specializes in… Enchantments.
For coin or barter, the witch will… Contact a dead relative or friend.
The witch is seeking… The means to control a fiend.
The witch has uncovered dark secrets. She cannot be killed by… Old age.
The witch has… A beauty mark on her cheek.
The witch’s brew in the cauldron contains… Garlic bulb.
The witch is brewing… A fertility tonic.
The witch’s home is… Hidden in the mountains.
The witch prefers to travel by… Transforming into a owl
Familiar The witch’s familiar is… an elemental spirit of storms
The witch’s familiar’s manner is… Talkative.


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