Not much to say this week, but trying to keep this going:

  • New PDF released – Pirate Ship Names
  • Started on the sort-of companion peice to this, A ship generator. Started off fairly generic ship-wise but is rapidly heading into pirate territory again
  • Streaming – The Gal Civ III save locked up/crashed and wouldn’t work, so had to end that
  • Started Borderlands 2 to tie me over until FFXIV Shadowbringers drops via early access on Friday (fingers crossed)
  • Whilst I am on the subject of streaming I have a small request. If a streamer such as much self has “no back seat gaming” in their stream rules and as a tag, coming into a stream and then back-seat gaming is not “just pointing things out”….it is LITERALLY back-seat gaming and proves you didn’t read the very few chat rules I have. If you can’t even read and act on that, then honestly, I don’t want you in the chat, even if it hurts my viewership figures

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