Ennead Games is officially 5 years old this month. Some of the more observant amongst you might have seen products and the like before hand, bu those were tests and rehearsals for when it all got underway half a decade ago.

The sale last for one week, from now until the 24th of October.

Featured products include :-

  • Background & Details Kit 2 – Fantasy Edition :  On sale for $2.24
  • Encounters & Events – SciFi Volume 1 – Space Derelicts : On sale for $1.31
  • [EBK] Empire Builder Kit – History Generator : On sale for $1.31
  • Equipment Maker 1 – Shields : On sale for  $1.12
  • Tavern Kit 2 : On sale for  $1.49
  • And many, many more

Available now at the following locations


Open Gaming Store

If the sale appears to have not started, try again in an hour or so, sometimes takes a little while to show on on the various sites

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