Helpful List  Arbitrary Collection 4

Every week on the Ennead Games blog, normally on a Friday, a helpful list of 20 items is posted. These normally follow no set pattern or theme, unless there has been a request for a particular list, but many are based off real-world subjects. Some tables are expanded further into full lists or generators, and others work well just on their own.
The subjects range from names from faraway lands, to what you might call your coins, to weapon names and more. They have been brought together into a handy and eclectic collection, a mixture of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and other genres.

The lists are presented “as is”. No details, no long or boring explanations, just a collection of quick and handy tables to help or inspire you.
Inside this volume, you’ll find 10 d20 tables that cover…

  • Chemical Names (fake)
  • Corporation Names
  • Corporate Slogan
  • Good Luck Charms
  • Hated & Horrible Insects
  • Important archaeological discoveries
  • Invasive Creatures
  • Scary/ Unpleasant Creatures
  • Starship names
  • Spell Names

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