This weeks generator is another guest one, this time about Gladiators and their arenas.

Sample Output

Arena & Gladiators
Arena The arena is… An underground pit with spectators earning over a railing above.
The games are being held… To turn a gambling profit for the organizers.
The main event is… A duel between a champion and a severe underdog.
The day’s champion wins… An expensive and ornate piece of armor.
The crowd is made up of mostly… Local peasants and unskilled workers.
The crowd’s attitude is… Rowdy and festive.
Individual Gladiators The gladiator is armored in… A leather vest.
The gladiator is wielding… A shortsword and a shield.
The gladiator fights with… Lots of head-butting.
The gladiator is… A well-trained slave.
The gladiator fights for… A chance to deal out sadistic torment.
On the gladiator’s face is… A long-braided mustache.
On the gladiator’s body is… The brand of a slave.

Over the next few weeks more generators are planned. The goal is to have at least one per week, sometimes two if time and work flow allows.

Upcoming Generators

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  2. Military copanies (fantasy version, with a modern one and expansion to existing mility squad gen at some point)
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  6. Street Food – The types of things sold from a rather suspcious cart
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