There is no new chunk this week as I am compiling the previous volumes. There probably won’t be one next week either as I am working on making a dungeon/room tile randomiser. Combined with the tiles/map maker from Inkwell Ideas I mentioned yesterday it’ll be used to make a room suitable for a dungeon, castle etc, along with some details about the section. More details as and when they are ready.

This won’t be replacing the Chunk series but will be put into the rotation with it, so every 10 weeks or so it will swap to the next in the series, Chunk-Tile-Chunk etc I’m also trying to decide what to do to expand Sci-Fi Thursdays as well. If I can’t come up with anything I am happy with, Thursday will also be a map/image day as well and I’ll see if keeping it sci-fi themed will be feasible.

A third option I am also thinking of adding is some more “official” items for specific games. This is not 100% confirmed when this will occur but is on the “to-do” list that I am slowly working through.

Eventually, I want 4 options for each Wednesday and Thursday. Each month, assuming a 4 week month would look like this for Wednesday/Thursday

  • Week 1 – Chunk of Fantasy/Chunk of Scifi
  • Week 2 – Map or related Image with some details
  • Week 3 – Official or Named System Compatible Item (Fantasy type genre)/Official or Named System Compatible Item (Sci-Fi genre)
  • Week 4 – ?/?

Any suggestions or ideas for week 4 , please let me know.


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