No RIGS this week as i am editing and expanding the current volume. Something I am seriously thinking about doing is expanding the RIGS system. Before it was just limited to items, but, if I cheat a little and allow items to be more like “items”, then it allows me to add in things like adventure outlines, NPCs, locations and more. The I/Item in RIGS (Random Item Generation System) would then mean anything that could be used in your games and stories.  One extra advantage to this change would be that it would vastly increase the potential options of the system, allow me to showcase products like the adventure Outline Maker and what it can output.

Every 10 weeks a new volume would be put out. To keep things easier to track, each will have their own sub-product line within RIGs, so you would have RIGS 4, then RIGS Sci-Fi 3 etc rather than RIGS 4, or RIGS 5 – Scifi 3 etc. This way those who want say, just adventure outlines can get those, people who want items for a scifi setting can get that etc.

IF you have any suggestions or comments on what RIGS results you’d like to see, please say so in the comments/on social media.

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